Bonding between Parent’s Qualification and Academic Achievement of School Going Children


  • Tariq Aziz
  • Muhammad Zakriya
  • Yousaf Ali


Parental Education, Children Academic Achievement, Socialization of children, Parental involvement


The Aim of this study is to compare the academic achievements of students who belong to educated and uneducated parents. The main objective of this paper is to discover the link between the social bond of parents and children and its influence on children academic performance. The hypothesis of the study is; higher the qualification of the parents, more the children’s academic achievements are. The Quantitative Research Design has been used to analyze the relationship among variables. The target population of the present research contained the educated parents of at least one child from Johar town, the area of Lahore. Total sample of 110 respondents were selected through random sampling. Weak social bonding between parents and children leads the students towards the deviant behavior, which is a social problem. It was also concluded that those students who have strong social bond with their parents would have good Academic achievement rather than those who have weak social bond. This study will help to make the social bonding of parents and children stronger, as the reasons of children’s deviant behavior is defined clearly. It is recommended that child-parent bonding should be strong, so that children can achieve the better academic results.